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Blocked or unbalanced chakras can be the root cause of emotional and physical distress. If you think that your chakras may be to blame for your current stress or physical discomfort, you can rely on a chakra reading from Awakening Inner Wellness. We'll use crystals and a pendulum to clear your chakras and allow them to spin correctly. You'll feel balanced and invigorated once we're finished.

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Explore the 7 chakras

Are you new to chakra readings? Everyone has seven chakras:

The root chakra-

Muladhara is located at the base of the spine and depicted as a red four-petaled lotus. It's connected to the earth element.

The sacral chakra-

Svadhisthana is located in the pelvis and is depicted as an orange lotus with six petals. It's associated with the adaptability, creativity and emotionality of water.

The naval chakra-

Manipura is located at the naval center and is depicted as a downward or upward-facing red triangle. It's associated with the fire element.

The heart chakra-

Anahata is located at the heart center and is depicted as a green six-pointed star surrounded by 12 lotus petals.

The throat chakra-

Vishuddha is located near the base of the throat and is depicted as a blue downward-facing triangle inside a lotus with 16 purple petals.

The third-eye chakra-

Ajna is located between the eyebrows and is represented by a transparent lotus with two white petals. It's considered the seat of the mind.

The crown chakra-

Sahasrara is located just above the crown of the head and is depicted as a thousand-petaled lotus with a pinkish aura. It's said to be the doorway into pure consciousness.

Clearing away blockages in and promoting balance amongst your chakras can lead to holistic wellness. Make a chakra reading appointment with Awakening Inner Wellness today.