Experience relaxation and healing through the power of positive energy.

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Allow a trained healer to restore balance and clear blockages from your seven chakras.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code

Removing pent up emotions can be a relaxing and relieving experience.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Manifest success with the guidance and support of an experienced life coach

Find Inner Peace

Try healing and balancing treatments

At Awakening Inner Wellness, our goal is to assist you achieve balance and whole-body wellness. You can come to us for life coaching, emotion code treatment, reiki healing or chakra reading. Your life can be hectic. That's why we're flexible and can meet at your home or the location of your choice. Our service area includes Twin Falls, Rupert and the rest of the Magic Valley area.

Plan a reiki healing or chakra reading session now by calling 208-431-6637.

4 reasons to explore services from Awakening Inner Wellness

There are many benefits to our wellness treatments. You may be dealing with a specific set of struggles in your life that chakra reading or reiki healing can assist with. You can turn to us when:


You feel physical or emotional stress caused by trapped emotions or unbalanced energies.


You need assistance and guidance in overcoming challenges or reaching specific life goals.


You want to learn more about the body's chakras and how to keep your body and mind balanced.


You're interested in learning about the reiki healing process and its benefits.

Consult a wellness expert from Awakening Inner Wellness in Twin Falls, Idaho today.